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Varsity Letterman Jackets

Varsity jackets are known throughout the world. In America they are referred to as letterman jackets, letterman jackets, letter jackets and award jackets. They are called leaver jackets in Australia and New Zealand. Germany, Switzerland and the rest of the European countries know varsity jackets as college jackets or boarding school jackets.

In the UK they are known as baseball jackets and bomber jackets. In Canada people know them as hockey jackets. Whatever you call them they are a true American icon statement and Stagwears is the leading manufacturer. We ship worldwide.

Stagwears varsity jackets are a must for every drama student, student cheerleader, band member, table tennis player, scholar, wrestler, track and field athlete, cross country runner, volleyball player, bowler, softball player, tennis player, football player, polo player, field hockey player, swimmer, baseball player, golfer, soccer player, cyclist or band member. Shop red varsity jacket mens or pink women letterman jackets. 

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Letterman Jackets for Sale

Shop high quality leather letterman jackets in black, white and purple colors. We use high quality genuine cowhide leather and virgin wool. Front closure is available in snap and YKK zippers. All leather jackets come with high quality quilted lining.

We have a wide range of colors in satin and cotton linings. Design custom varsity jackets with genuine leather sleeves. Add custom logos, embroideries, mascots and senior badges. Varsity jackets with genuine leather sleeves and virgin wool are suitable for baseball teams, high schools and senior class of 2022 and class of 2023 / 2024 jackets.

Add custom logos and patches on leather letterman jackets. In order to attach your chenille patches, varsity letters you can order blank letterman jackets from us.

Mens Letterman Jackets

Shop classic all black letterman jackets or buy red varsity jackets for mens, we have a wide range of colors. It's available in melton wool and genuine cowhide leather as well as in premium sheep leather. Design your own black letter jackets in cotton twill, polyester satin, virgin black wool and sheep leather.

Stagwears offers a huge range of athletic colors in various materials. You can design your own black letterman jacket in desired materials.

We offer a premium range of embroideries and patches on black varsity jackets. Shop grey and white varsity jacket,wool varsity jacket, black orange letterman jacket, wool varsity jacket, varsity jacket with leather sleeves, letterman jacket for womens or customize your own jacket online.

Varsity Jackets for Mens

Shop varsity jackets for mens and women and girls. Black and white jackets for high school students are very popular. Every year we ship thousands of customized varsity jackets for senior class students, high school students, baseball teams and individuals.

Our constant quality varsity custom jackets are available in various materials. Buy blank or order embroidered jackets. Custom letterman jackets in top grain leather aka corrected grain leather are very popular across the globe. Our letter jackets sleeves and pockets come in genuine cowhide leather and sheep leather. Add custom patches, graduation year patches and more.

Nappa real leather with wool fabric is the ultimate luxury varsity letterman jacket. Wool bodies with full grain leather sleeves or premium sheep leather are considered very high quality.

Jackets with leather and wool are produced to meet high quality standards across the globe. All stock jackets can be shipped in 7 days. 

Use our online design tool to make your varsity jacket design. Select top layer body material and colors for front closing zipper or snaps. We have grades of leather including cowhide, sheep and suede leather.

All Leather Letterman Jacket

All leather varsity jackets made from premium Nappa sheep leather are known for their softness. If you are not a fan of a heavy leather varsity jacket. Try our Nappa sheep leather varsity jacket. All leather products are fully customized using our online jacket builder.

Add high quality YKK zipper and smooth and silky polyester satin lining. We have white sheep leather options and front slash pockets. Our tall size has 4cm long sleeves. Shop saint laurent inspired letterman jacket. Gift cards are available on demand.

Design your own custom letterman jacket now. Using our online jacket builder you can create jackets for high schools, baseball & football teams. Create your own anime jackets with cartoon characters and custom colors.

Custom jackets for events. Create custom letter style jackets for companies and employee gifts. True classic American black & black letterman jacket, made top quality black wool body with black cowhide leather sleeves.

Varsity jackets are not only popular in schools, but they have taken their place in the fashion industry. Varsity jackets became the biggest fashion trend in 2022. At one time the letterman jacket was considered to be the status symbol for high school and college athletes.

Design Letterman Jackets:

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